Easy Image Management for Odoo

Image management for web shops can be a real hassle.  No more, with drag-and-drop image re-arrange.  Move images between products, correct colors, move them from main to extra or back.  The simplest image management tool for Odoo.

Speed up product image management by 300% 

Drag-and-Drop images

Simply drag to the bin to remove, drag to another product to switch or add, re-arrange between main and extra images.  Flawlessly and quick.

Easily rearrange variants, main and extra images

Is your variant not displayed correctly.  Lookup the template and see all variants with their respective images.  Then re-arrange to your liking.


Search for multiple products and variants at once and see them all in a nice tree view with thumbnails of all the images in one screen.  No more switching between screens and products.  

Customize access

Authorize specific users to edit images with this interface and shield off users from the complex issue of importing images.  

Time Saving

Drastically reduce the time spent on managing product images and organizing galleries .

Enhanced User Experience

Present your products in the most appealing order, boosting customer engagement and sales

Improved Workflow

Empower your team to manage product visuals efficiently, regardless of technical expertise

Start saving time managing images.

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