AI CopyCrafter 

AI-powered product copy management *

 * for Odoo databases and stores.

Our AI-CopyCrafter module provides an elegant solution to the problem of product information and copy management. 
It offers an efficient method to discover products online, read their details, and rewrite them for your Odoo website or database. 

Using ChatGPT's capabilities, it understands both online and internal product information, then rewrites and stores this content in your database.

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The beauty of this Odoo module lies in its flexibility. You can configure source websites based on domain and language, allowing you to create custom selections of products and specify which websites to use for each configuration. Whether it's by brand, category, or manual selection, the possibilities are endless.

Product copy generation

Automatically generates correct product copy based on internet sources or internal data.

Encodes HTML automatically

Write your copy for plain-text fields or fully formatted HTML fields.

Cleanses your data

Our DB Generator feature allows you to read internal database fields, and simply ask our engine to rewrite in either plain text or clean html formatted copy.

A solution for
every e-commerce store

We've been there and we know how cumbersome it is to manage product content.    This module harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to automate the entire process of product content creation and management. Users can retrieve product information from diverse internet sources, including manufacturer websites, e-commerce platforms, and internal database information. ChatGPT then works its magic, analyzing and enriching the data with engaging and relevant content, which can be employed for product descriptions, marketing materials, and various other purposes.  All saved directly into the corresponding fields.

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Multiple Search services

Works with Bing, Google Search and DuckDuckGo to find product content.

SEO optimization

Ask our engine to write content in an SEO-optimized style or find the best keywords and meta field descriptions.  Generate correct content for thousands of meta-fields with a single click.


Use domains to define groups or brands of products with different configurations.  Define your output fields and describe the content to be generated for each.

We care about your copy

We are first users of our own software.  We developed our app based on a genuine need to improve our processes and reduce costs.

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Modular to suit
all business cases



  • Base module
  • Connects Odoo to OpenAI APIs
  • Configuration for AI parameters
  • Legacy or Chat completion
  • Odoo v16

Product Content Management


  • Product Copy (re)writing and formatting
  • Based on internal DB data
  • Copy / Data cleansing
  • Domain based configuration
  • Odoo v16

Web Search Extension


  • Adds Web search for exteranal sources
  • Search, Route or direct URL methods
  • Various Search engines (Bing, Google, DuckDuckGo)
  • Odoo v16

Language Extension


  • Adds multi-language support
  • Integrates seamless with other modules
  • Odoo v16

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